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Enabling Your Clients To “Self-Serve”

Gama leverages your website to give your clients direct visibility and access to rates, shipments and documents online. Not only does Gama enhance your customer’s experience, but it also allows you to pull your employees out of routine processes, freeing them up to focus on problem shipments instead of every shipment.

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Bring Your Business Online

Gama makes booking and managing freight online as easy as buying a flight ticket. Your customers can browse rates, track shipments, download documents, submit important forms and much more…all from your own website.

  1. Custom Branding and Design for seamless integration with your Website
  2. Customizable Forms and E-mail Notifications
  3. No IT Expertise or Website Changes required
  4. Graphic Admin Control Panel allows for easy configuration.
  5. API/EDI Enabled
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Bring Your Business Online Bring Your Business Online Bring Your Business Online
Mobilize Your Business Mobilize Your Business Mobilize Your Business Mobilize Your Business

Mobilize Your Business

Leverage the world’s the most used technology frontier today and give your clients the ability to work on the go. From concept to launch, we develop your mobile application.

  1. Cross Platform (Mobile, Tablet, Android or Apple)
  2. Custom Branding and Design – it’s YOUR Mobile app
  3. A-Z Development - From Concept to Submission to App Store
  4. Synchronizes with Gama Web
  5. Comprehensive Customization and Pricing
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Automate Your Workflow

Digitally connect your business with vendors, carriers and marketplaces to perform a variety of tasks automatically. Send e-mails, download data, save reports, and much more! Your business will see an immediate ROI by reducing errors, cutting costs and increasing productivity.

  1. Tasks performed 24/7 instantly, with 100% Accuracy
  2. Automatically Synchronize Data
  3. Send Forms, Notifications and Reminders
  4. Send Quotes and Documents
  5. Customizable Tasks Defined by You
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Automate Your Workflow Automate Your Workflow

Flexible Pricing Plans

Find the package right for your business.