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Mobilize Your Business

All the same powerful features of our web solution in a mobile app. Provide your client with on-the-go access to their business-critical shipment data, giving them the visibility, they need 24/7.

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Streamline Your Business

Streamline Your Business

Our cross-platform mobile applications seamlessly sync with Gama Web, giving your customers a consistently exceptional experience - where they are working on.

  1. Custom branding and design
  2. Syncs with Gama web
  3. Available for Apple or Android / Mobile or Tablet
  4. No mobile expertise required - We handle everything
  5. Graphic admin control panel allows for easy configuration.
  6. API/EDI Enabled

End-To-End Service

From concept to launch, we handle everything it takes to successfully create your mobile app – no technical expertise required! Our Mobile Experts make the process simple and straightforward, leaving you free to manage your business.

  1. App design and development
  2. Submission to Android and Apple App Stores and app release process
  3. Mobile app logo design, descriptions and screenshots
  4. Flexible pricing plan
  5. Comprehensive customization options
End-To-End Service
Exceptional Customer Experience

Exceptional Customer Experience

We are passionate about your success. That’s why we believe in consistent communication and understanding the goals and expectations of each one of our clients. At Gama we are dedicated to your long-term success. We offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure you are never left with unanswered questions.

  1. App maintenance
  2. Dedicated customer support
  3. Revisions/fixes/changes to App as needed

Is Your Business Ready To Mobilise ?

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