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About Our Team

Our expert team specializes in developing IT and Business Automation Solutions for the Logistics industry. With over a decade of experience in design and development of desktop and web-enabled applications, we are committed to building quality products at an affordable cost.

The Problem

Is your website an “online brochure”? Do you clients have to call or email to do business?
Whether ordering products online or booking flight tickets, most of today’s business is conducted online. The majority of freight companies struggle to achieve the transparency and visibility their clients have come to expect. Instead, they do things manually, costing them valuable time and money. The few solutions that do exist are astronomically priced, convoluted, and are so right they require a total business restructure to implement.

Designing a Solution

Gama was founded upon recognizing an opportunity existed to provide freight forwarders with a comprehensive cost-effective solution that would allow them to compete in today’s digital environment. Our solutions are designed to be straight-forward and accessible without breaking the bank or requiring months of painful implement.

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